Bigg Boss Shivani and Balaji in the cold After Call Center Task

Bigg Boss Shivani With Balaji

Bigg Boss Shivani With Balaji

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is currently in its peak days of the game. All of the competitors are currently fighting for a variety of reasons inside the luxury house.

Bigg Boss call center task continues for the second day among the contestants as customer and employee.

With Sanam Shetty and Archana as customers on the 52nd day, the next call began with Somsekhar and Ramya Pandian.

Gabriella Bigg Boss Call Center Task

But unlike the first day of the task, the 53rd day moved smoothly rather than controversial due to the soft questions asked by customers to employees Gabriella and Jithan Ramesh.

As controversies soared on the first day of the task, Bigg Boss announced some set of new regulations for the call center task and advised not to clear intimate grudges with employees.

Meanwhile, Somsekhar and Ramya Pandian handled the task with care by questioning Gabriella and Jithan Ramesh in a polite, loveable manner without hurting their words.

Somsekhar Bigg Boss Call Center Task

After that, many people praised Somsekhar for his strategy and made Gabriella to disconnect the call.

However, Gaby did wantedly without argument, stating “Hope you win” to Somsekhar and finally received a 3-star rating for her service.

On the other hand, a cold war occurred between Shivani and Balaji Murugadoss for not taking the risk to spend time.

Shivani and Balaji scenes in bigg boss

Shivani stopped the fight and asked to leave immediately when Balaji claimed that he was busy and occupied with other tasks.

Ramya Pandian played the call center task mindfully and asked the reasons for nominating Archana, Rio, Nisha, among others.

After spelling out several reasons for nominating, Ramesh struggled to explain some more, and Ramya requested to cut the call. But Big Boss added Ramya to the nomination list directly.

Ramya Pandian in Bigg Boss Tamil House

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