Bigg Boss Tamil Samyuktha Karthik
The nomination Topple card is an exchange of contestants for the eviction process directly by the one who wins Topple Card and Anitha nominated Samyuktha

Bigg Boss Samyuktha nominated directly by Anitha and Tamil season 4 hosted by Kamal Hasan in Kollywood completed 50 days last Sunday with Singer Suchithra’s eviction.

Monday, the 51st day of this season, began yesterday with Rio Raj as captain of the house for this week and the youngest captain of the BB house Aajeedh, relieved of duty.

Bigg Boss Tamil Rio
Bigg Boss Tamil Rio

However, the captaincy competition between Aari Arjunan and Rio Raj fired up after the nomination process due to Balaji’s open statement on Aari’s giving up on task which he proposed himself.

Meanwhile, Sanam Shetty, Aari Arjunan, Balaji Murugadoss, Somsekhar, Anitha Sampath, Jithan Ramesh, and Nisha have been nominated for the eviction list of the upcoming week.

After the Saving pass, this season of Bigg Boss also came up with another advantage card for this week.

Bigg Boss Samyuktha in Elimination list

Bigg Boss Nomination Topple Card
Bigg Boss Nomination Topple Card

The nomination Topple card is an exchange of contestants for the eviction process directly by the one eviction list candidate who holds the card.

After several disputes for a long time, Anitha who was on the nomination list won the nomination topple card.

On hearing the advice from Bigg Boss, Anitha nominated Samyuktha directly for next week’s eviction and escaped from the current elimination week holding a stand for another 12 or 13 days.

Despite all, Aari and Balaji provoked each other with words portraying Aari’s honesty as for camera attention. Moreover, co-contestants supported Balaji to calm down, including captain Rio stating that Aari does everything to trigger emotions.

Bigg Boss Tamil Aari
Bigg Boss Tamil Aari

To be honest, Aari seems true out of the box and apologizes for the wrong things amidst his lengthy explanations.

But happenings inside the house are unknown beyond the one-hour telecast, and the unanimous suggestion about Aari is yet a thinkable factor.

Balaji tactically apologized to Aari for his disrespectful behavior. However, actor Aari did not accept his apology and declared that he would hate him forever.