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Bigg Boss Raju retaliated Priyanka with Fire, Fans Celebrating

Bigg Boss Raju

Everyone knows that there is friction between Abhishek Raja Kang and Raju at the Bigg Boss Tamil house. In this situation, he has retaliated against Priyanka Raju in today's task.

This week in Bigg Boss 5 the contestants were given the task of Panchatantra. In it, the contestants were constantly doing many confusing things like who was stealing the Coin. Abhishek Priyanka Gang tried to capture the entire Coin.

Abhishek has been trying to deceive other competitors who own Coin and buy it. At one point two phases of this task were completed and one task took place as the final phase.

The task was given to each contestant to tell them which team they were going to agree with and to tell the other grievance which team they were going to agree with.

Then Priyanka, who was speaking on the task, teased Raju. Air, maybe stink or a good smell, only know after blow. Raju countered by saying that if you're a good friend, then we are a breeze. If enemy, then we are storm and if another kind of twist, we will be like a hurricane.

He also criticized Priyanka, saying, "Priyanka is fire. The first thing man invented was fire, and then the revolution began. He could put it in a fireball and scare all the beasts away. If a piece of it fell on his head, he would have to grab it and die. Raju retaliated.

Bigg Boss Raju retaliated Priyanka with Fire, Fans Celebrating