Bigg Boss Call center, a place to clarify personal grudges.

Bigg Boss Call Center Balaji

Bigg Boss Call Center Balaji

With the completion of 50 days in Bigg Boss Season 4 Tamil, most of the contestants are still inside the house, which holds the main reason for misunderstanding and groupism.

Although there are a lot of daily fights at home, it is mostly taking place around Balaji Murugadoss. Only Balaji can well know the reason for targeting. Followed by Aari-Balaji’s low-grade fight, Archana lights up Balaji’s real face in the 52nd day of BB4.

VJ Archana in Bigg Boss Tamil

Today at Bigg Boss home, Big Boss presented a task called “why blood same blood”. This is not a task that can be completed in a day, but Big Boss announced that the house will function as a call center for the next two days.

Bigg Boss Call center

Also, in this task the call center staff and the dissatisfied customers should be divided into two teams. In it the customer has to say something and the call center employee should disconnect the call himself or herself.

Balaji and Shivani Photos in Bigg Boss Tamil

And if customers could not keep up with the call, they would be directly nominated for eviction next week.

On the other hand, call center staff must patiently answer questions asked by customers. Also, employees should ask the star rating from the callers whether their response was satisfactory.

Following that the contestants were divided into two teams. Firstly Archana went into the confession room as a customer and Balaji as an employee.

Bigg Boss Tamil Call Center Archana

Then Archana targeted Balaji Murugadoss and fulfilled her personal grudges towards him via questions. Finally, Archana gave Bala a 2-star rating.

Balaji, who came out after that, accused Archana of doing all she could to tarnish his name. And Balaji openly told Archana that I know about your game plan and strategy.

After the first call, customer Sanam Shetty called Samyuktha and interrogated several doubts but the conversation is not much heated like Archana-Balaji.

Bigg Boss Tamil Ramya Pandian and Samyuktha

However, a two-day task has just begun, and many more interesting questions are in the waiting list of the Bigg Boss call center task.

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