Archana in bigg boss Tamil
Archana is one who suffers mainly with the double eviction result of Jithan Ramesh and Nisha. Though Somsekhar and Rio Raj mingled to some point with other contestants.

Bigg Boss house takes a different angle from day 71 due to the unexpected elimination. With Aranthangi Nisha and Jithan Ramesh’s dual eviction last week, the group players count decreased inside the house and fans can expect a new game strategy in the forthcoming days.

Archana is one who suffers mainly with the eviction result. Though Somsekhar and Rio Raj mingled to some point with other contestants, Archana and Nisha remained together without many bonds with others despite Rio and Somsekhar.

Meanwhile, from yesterday’s BB episode, it is clear that Archana tries to control Rio and Somsekhar stating love as a strategy but the duo escapes from Archana’s net. Unlike any season, BB4 contestants are more into the title game irrespective of showing their individuality as a person.

Though playing for the BB title is fair and worth a reason for coming, it makes the audiences frustrated at certain angles due to the repeated talk and fights for the same.

Anitha tries a ruled Bigg Boss fight inside the house thinking it was correct. However, Anitha Sampath controlled her non-stop speech in recent times but it looks like only for the game and does not show the ultimate change in the character.

Apart from the strategic play among contestants, Bigg Boss Hamam tasks were conducted yesterday for fun which triggered a cold war between Archana and Balaji Murugadoss.

Despite all, Shivani and Rio Raj broke out crying a lot inside the confession room. Shivani Narayanan took a fine decision of crying inside the confession room to relieve her burdens. As she said, if it happened within contestants, Shivani might be targeted and named as an exposure for votes.

Bigg Boss voiceover is all fun compared to last season. Apparently, BB fries each and every participant inside the house intriguingly with his funny accent which is highly humorous.