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Anitha Sampath tested Rio’s anger management in all means. Does it bursted or not?

Bigg Boss Rio and Anitha

Bigg Boss Rio and Anitha

After Balaji’s heated call to Aari without letting him speak, now it’s Anitha’s call to Rio Raj, which made the same excitement among the Bigg Boss audience in the call center task.

Though many contestants played a safe game in the Bigg Boss call center task, some stepped out of their comfort zone.

Only few bigg boss contestants expressed their opinions strongly via questions despite being nominated.

Those who were customers last week became call center employees this week in Bigg Boss Tamil House.

In this case, Anitha contacted Rio and asked what the qualities required to win the Bigg Boss title. Rio replied that truth is enough to obtain the position.

Bigg Boss Rio in Call Center Task

Although Anitha’s questions seemed like an interview, she kept asking the questions continuously.

Meanwhile, Anitha regretted most of the answers of Rio Raj openly on call and advised to respond by clearly listening to the queries.

Rio Raj is fully controlling his anger on call as Anitha’s words triggered him in most spaces. However, being polite and humble are the main characteristics of a call center employee. Alongside, Rio tried well to maintain the worker standard in the task.

Bigg Boss Anitha Sampath Nominated

Anitha Sampath Star rating to Rio

Despite all, Rio attained a 4-star rating for his half satisfied answer as per Anitha Sampath. After the call, contestants targeted Rio for his unending call but Rio showed two faces outside the task stating it was a good call to Anitha and claimed that I controlled myself since it was a task.

Moreover, Ramesh contacted Nisha in Bigg Boss call center task and moved intellectually fun mixed with his queries.

Bigg Boss Nisha and Jithan Ramesh

Nisha replied with a smile as Ramesh is her good friend and as expected Nisha did not nominate Ramesh.

Based on the nominations, Aari, Sanam Shetty, Anitha Aajeedh, Shivani, Ramya, and Nisha have been selected this week.

It is expected that Aajeedh, Shivani, Nisha, and Anitha will definitely face stiff competition in this elimination process.

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