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AK 61 Update: Actor Ajith Fans Are Happy With ak61 Details

Actor Ajith

The shooting of the Ajith61 movie starts today as the first stage. Filming of the untitled film starring Ajith under the direction of H. Vinod after 'Valimai' started today in Hyderabad. The movie team has said that they have set up the Gemini flyover at Anna Salai in Ramojirao Film City, Hyderabad.

The crew plans to complete the film in three months and release it by the end of this year. In this case, the information about the technical artists working on the film is released. Yes, Director H Vinod has released the full details of Ajith's much-awaited AK 61 movie. Fans are looking forward to the film with surprise as the details of the entire team of the film have already been released.

Ajith plays a double role as a hero-villain in AK61. Actor Ajith plays a college professor in this movie, and it focuses on a bank robbery. The story is about how he got in touch with the bank. Unlike the Valimai movie, this movie has very few action scenes. At the same time, there are a lot of scenes like mass and thrilling.

AK61 Producer is Bonnie Kapoor, as said earlier. Similarly, H. Vinod is the director, Nirav Shah will handle the Cinematography with the edit of Editor Vijay Velukutty, and Ghibran will tune the Music.

AK 61 Update: Actor Ajith Fans Are Happy With ak61 Details