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Agadu (2021) Tamil Movie, Watch Full Movie in Theatre

Agadu (2021) Tamil Movie

Agadu Movie is more like the Usual thriller storyline, kidnap, murder and investigation. The complete movie revolves around the Kodaikanal area, and the holiday trip turned into the worst nightmare trip for the family.

Police follow up the case to solve the suspense, and the storyline is how they solved the crime. Actor John Vijay plays a local police officer role who aggressively search for the culprit.

Vijay Tv serial actor Siddharth has done his opposite role, and Anjali Nair played an important role in the Agadu Tamil movie. From 22nd Oct 2021, Agadu (2021) Tamil movie releasing in theatres which directed by Suresh Kumar and produced by Vidiyal Raju. 

Agadu (2021) Tamil Movie, Watch Full Movie in Theatre