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Actress Yashika Aannand can walk after 2 months, Doctor says

Actress Yashika Aannand

Actress Yashika Aannand

Actress Yashika Anand was injured in a speeding car accident on the east coast of Chennai and is being treated at a hospital.

Yashika’s friend Valli Chetti Bhavani, who was travelling in the same car, was thrown and killed. Yashika has a broken hip, ankle and There is a severe injury to the abdomen.

In a video posted on Yashika’s sister Instagram page, she said, “Yashika has had a successful operation by God. But doctors say she still has a lot of fractures and needs more surgery. So pray for her as she still has a lot of surgeries to do. ”

Also, Yashika’s family said, “Yashika is unconscious. She did not know that friend Valli Chetti Bhavani was dead.

Doctors told us not to say shocking things because she had high blood pressure.

The doctors said that Yashika would walk after two months, but she needs complete rest for three months.

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