Actress Sanusha Molested In A Train Says No One Cares
ctress Sanusha Molested In A Train Says No One Cares
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Actress Sanusha Molested In A Train Says No One Cares

Actress Sanusha who started her acting career as child artist and now appearing in movies and television series had filed complaint on a man trying to molest her on the moving train. When she was travelling from Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday night, a 40-year-old man named Anto Bose from Villukuri had attempted to molest her.

‘Kodiveeran’ fame Sanusha said when a man came near to feel her lips she woke and twisted his hands. She shouted for help of the co-passengers. But the sad thing was nobody cares for and responded to her except 2 men in the compartment came for the support.

The actress was very unhappy to those people and lost faith on this society. The actress said "It was 1 am when I was asleep, I felt something on my lips, I saw a man from the opposite berth was feeling my lips and I suddendly twisted his hand. He begged me not to shout and make it as serious issue. But I don’t want to leave to and made complaint.

It was disheartening that when I told to everybody, no one reacted over that except a writer Unni and a man Ranjith from Kozhikode.

The actress was distressed over the behaviour of her co-passengers and said when I post this incident on the Facebook or any other social media page, the people will definitely show their overwhelming support for me. They may even change their dp and status for the support. As a woman I want people to stand up at times when such incidents happen. Just social media support later is not a matter. I have lost faith in the society.

Thrissur railway police arrested the man and FIR was filed against him under section 354.

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