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Sketch Movie Audience and Critics Responses

Sketch Movie Audience and Critics Responses

Vikram's thara local action thriller that had hit theatres today worldwide is receiving warm welcome by the audience and critics. Tamannaah Bhatia is pairing with Chiyaan for the first time. S Thaman tuned background score is one of the highest expectations of the audience from this movie. 

Sketch is said to be a drama taking place in North Madras. The stylish Vikram and Thaman music for him are lauded by the critics. Directed by Vijay Chander of Vaalu fame and produced by V Creations, the Sketch is lauded as a clean entertainer with decent interview block and unexpected twist at the climax with message.

There are expectations for Vikram and Tamannaah lovely first time combo, the talented Vikram's stylish mass performance and Thaman's BGM for Vikram. Here are some critics and audience tweets about the film.

Sketch Movie Audience and Critics Responses

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