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Sivakarthikeyan Sings For Thaman

Sivakarthikeyan Sings For Thaman

'Velaikkaran' actor Sivakarthikeyan in his busy schedule had sung a song under S Thaman music. He had crooned retro kuthu song for his friend Thaman for an upcoming movie. The details of the song and movie will be revealed soon by the composer. 

Dookudu music director had scored for several Tamil movies like Mouna Guru, Kanchana, Eeram, Settai and others. His recent Tamil movies are Dhilluku Dhuddu, Sivalinga and Ivan Thanthiran. 

His upcoming movie includes Vikram's Sketch and 3 telugu projects Dura, Bhagmati and Tholi Prema. From our speculation, Siva should have been crooned for Vikram starring Sketch movie. We have to wait for official confirmation.

Sivakarthikeyan replied to the tweet made by Thaman as he had just read the lyrics and Thaman made it as a song with his talent. 

Thaman shared "And finally nanban @Siva_Kartikeyan has sung one super #retrokuthusong 🔥Details sooN ♥️ #iamsixufeetutalluu"

Sivakarthikeyan replied "Bro I just read the lyrics in the  recording theatre I think u hv made it as a song wit ur talent"

Sivakarthikeyan Sings For Thaman