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Seenu Ramasamy Supports Financier Anbu Cheziyan

Seenu Ramasamy Supports Financier Anbu Cheziyan

The whole film industry and people are abusing the usury financier Anbu Cheziyan who was the reason behind producer Ashok Kumar's death. Sasikumar's cousin Ashok Kumar had assisted the actor in all his film's production. His death note clearly stated that financier Madurai Anbu's harsh behaviour towards him was the main reason of his death.

He had slated that he had been paying the debt interest rates for past 7 years and can't be paid in recent times. Financier rudeness was increased and finally their new movie Kodi veeran was given red card for release. It can't be tolerated any more by the Ashok and he had chosen his end.

Several film celebrities including TFPC president Vishal expressed their strong condemns towards financier.

Meantime 'Dharmadurai' producer Seenu Ramaswamy is supporting financier Anbu as the honest man (Utthamar) and he is portrayed in a bad light which is disheartening. He also digs present leading stars are not like MGR and Shivaji.

"எம்.ஜீ.ஆர், சிவாஜீ, போல் இல்லை இன்றைய நடிகர்கள்.அன்பு செழியன் போன்ற உத்தமர்கள் ஏனோ தவறாக சித்தரிக்கப்பவது வேதனை.நான் நியாயத்தின் பக்கமே...," shared Seenu Ramasamy.


Seenu Ramasamy Supports Financier Anbu Cheziyan