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Sasikumar files Police Complaint: Vishal, Ameer And Others Condemn

Sasikumar files Police Complaint

Kollywood film director and actor Sasikumar's associate producer and brother-in-law Ashok Kumar had hanged himself to death last evening. Sasikumar has found death note of him stating his reason for suicide. He blamed film financier Anbu chezhian for his death. He had stated for last 7 years he was repaying the debt and in recent days he was continuously insulted by rude action of the financier. He was not able to further face this and said he is leaving Sasikumar alone.

Following his death Sasikumar and his industry friends Samuthirakani, Ameer and other filed complaint against the financier at Valasaravakkam police station. The film industry wants this series issue to be sorted out soon. The loan sharks rude act is not only to the common people and big celebrities also has the same problems.

Vishal severely warns the financier like him to get out of industry. Several film celebrities shard condolence to Sasikumar and his family.

Director Ameer said "Police had filed case on financier Madurai Anbhu Chezian under 306 as he tortured him. We are thankful to police.  Ashok Kumar wrote letter regarding this. For past 10 years he is returning his debut to the financier. The movie had received red card at the tike of release due to financier. As per me, producer council should take several action against this and the issue to be sorted out permanently or else there is no use of these councils."


Sasikumar files Police Complaint: Vishal, Ameer And Others Condemn