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Rajinikanth Talks At Natchathira Vizha Event 2018

Rajinikanth Talks At Natchathira Vizha Event 2018

Actor Vivek and yesteryear actress Latha had interviewed Rajinikanth at the stage of the grand Natchathira Vizha event that was held yesterday. Rajinikanth answered the questions asked by his old friend and co-star Latha and Vivek on the stage. He received standing ovation when he walked on the stage.

The veteran actress Latha asked how he is being so simple though he has much fame and popularity. Rajinikanth answered "I too do not know it". When he was asked about his teenage love Rajinikanth said "Yes". He had first love at high school and it is unforgettable. 

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan was also present at the event and shared the stage with Rajinikanth. The superstar requested Vivek to ask easy questions. 

Rajinikanth in the event said "In my 42 years of film journey, I tried to entertain people and tried to give good message to them at my best.

The nature of my mannerism had become style. My guru Balachander had advised me not to change this nature after establishing in the film career. 

I wanted not to be remembered just as an actor in the future. I have dreamed to be decent middle class with scooter, a flat and simple life. But now my dream is to pay back to the people what I got from them.

He urged youngsters to look after their parents first. If one take care of his mother and father properly, he will get everything he needs. If we do our duty everything will be yours.

I did not regret for the past and the decision taken in 1996 of not entering the politics." 

Rajinikanth Talks At Natchathira Vizha Event 2018