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Raghava Lawrence Takes One More Step In Doing Good Things

Raghava Lawrence Takes One More Step In Doing Good Things

Popular dancer and actor Raghava Lawrence is well known for his social activities. He had started his activities 9 years back by encouraging physically challenged dancers. He helped in education of the slum children and started charitable home 'Aram Seiya Virumbu' where he helps the children for open heart surgery. It was started by people's President late Dr. Abdul Kalam.

This year he takes one more step forward to support the area behind Udhayam theatres that is lacking in basic needs. He is set to provide households with emergency lights, mosquito nets and constructing bathroom facilities. He had also planned to expand this support to other areas in upcoming years. 

On his social media page, the actor requested blessing and support from the people. Lawrence on his Facebook page shared "Hi dear Friends and Fans..! Every new year i take a step on doing a good thing. 9 years back started with physically challenged dancers and on the following years slum children education, 60 children’s in our charitable home and in the name of Abdul Kalam sir started aram seiya virumbu you all are already aware of open heart surgery’s as well. Similarly this year We have taken a area behind udhayam theatre which is lacking the needs of basic life.. hence we are taking care of the cleanliness and providing the households with emergency lights , mosquito nets and we have started building bathroom facilities.. this year we have started in this area and planning to move forward and do the needs for the other areas as well in the coming years.. On this new start I need all your blessings and support.."

Raghava Lawrence Takes One More Step In Doing Good Things