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Nayanthara Gets Trolled - Velaikkaran Recent Promo!

Velaikkaran Recent Promo

In recent Velaikkaran promo, Nayathara as Mrinalini is being trolled on the net for her recent interview. The promo shows she is being abused by some people over the net. She is disturbed by and ready to jump from her floor. This scene creates more curiosity about Nayan's role in the film. It raised questions like how the director Mohanraja could have connected this scene for the film? 

She should have made bold interview with some controversial person. One of the messages from social media states "Kudos to Media they have started inviting Prostitutes rather than chief guests."

24 AM Studios 2nd venture Vealikkaran had extensive promos and is ready to hit theatres on 22nd December. Sivakarthikeyan as Aruvi is set to rock in his first social concept based film apart from entertainer. Mohanraja directed and Anirudh tuned the music for it.


Nayanthara Gets Trolled - Velaikkaran Recent Promo!