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National Anthem No Longer Compulsory In Theatres

National Anthem No Longer Compulsory In Theatres

Supreme Court on Tuesday announced National Anthem is not mandatory in movie theatres. The central government on Monday suggested the Supreme Court to modify the order of playing National Anthem is mandatory in film halls nationwide. SC in its November 2016 order directed all cinema halls to play national anthem before screening movies.

Before featuring the movie in theatres, National Anthem has been played and everyone has to pay respect by standing up with attention. There were several opposition to this saying there is no need to prove one's patriotism in cinema halls and asked to change the rules.

The film society had also approached the court to modify this order. During Oct 2017 hearing, justice Chandrachud asked "why do people have to wear their patriotism on their sleeve? People are going to movie for absolute entertainment and they need it."

Earlier, the SC bench ordered no need to stand for National Anthem in movie hall while it was played. There were several controversial on this order. There were many incidents of violence took place in the country. Some movie goers refused to stand up for National Anthem and disrespected it. Case was also booked on them for disrespecting National Anthem. Even disabled person had faced worst behavior from the other people for not standing when National Anthem was played.


National Anthem No Longer Compulsory In Theatres