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Naachiyaar Teaser Gets Amazing Responses

Naachiyaar Teaser Gets Amazing Responses

Jyotika and GV Prakash Kumar featuring Naachiyaar teaser was released last evening and within 15 hours it reached 1.2+ million reviews. The movie has the trademark style of director Bala. Jyotika is seen as the police officer 'Naachiyaar' while GV Prakash as the rural man in Bala's style. 

As we know Bala film actors need to put lot of hard works and efforts, this film is not exceptional. Jyo and GV seem to have done all needed hard works. GV Prakash himself had shared it in his twitter account. The teaser shows the glimpse of some hard hitting scenes that to take place in the movie. 

GV Praksh shared "The Master film maker Bala sir is back with one more gem #NaachiyaarTeaser #Naachiyaar . I have put a lot of hardwork into this film do let me what u feel about my work too ... love and regards , GV"

Again the BGM of maestro is stunning that adds values to the visuals. Jo at the end comes up with the swear word against accuse.

Of course, there are controversies rose against Jyo's swear words in the teaser. But this is not new in film industry. We have come across those words commonly in several movies and also in some places. But some people cannot tolerate woman speaking those words. This is absolutely inappropriate for trollers and nobody can't stop them.

But Jyo had done stunning job in the teaser. Hope director came up with other gem in his career and likely to work out very well in big screen.

Naachiyaar Teaser Gets Amazing Responses

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