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Mohanlal New Slim Look Posted By Actor Himself

Mohanlal New Slim Look Posted By Actor Himself

Mohanlal's new look in Oyidan teaser stuns audience and his fans. He had shed weights for his upcoming fantasy thriller Odiyan. The teaser had created storm on the Internet as soon as it released. 

It is reported Rajinikanth had called his friend and the Mollywood superstar and praised about his new young look. Mohanlal's body transformation is amazing. Odiyan director Shrikumar said it is only the start of 57-year-old actor. His transformation for his next dream project Randamoozham as Bheema will be amazing.

He had recently spotted in airport and the stills went viral. The actor had undergone 2 months hard training for this look to portray the young Odiyan Manikyan in the film. Now the complete actor had posted a clear image of his new look. It is wonder to know the star had shed 18 kgs weight in 60 days. He is now having 20 years younger look than his actual age.

Mohanlal New Slim Look Posted By Actor Himself