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Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Takes Digs On Aruvi Movie

aruvi poster - lakshmi ramakrishnan

Aruvi, which is receiving rave reviews and overwhelming audience responses is not the exemption without controversies. The movie is facing controversies in the social media pages now. Some people are claiming the movie is copied version of the Egyptian movie Asmaa and some say it is over rated movie."

Meantime the popular reality show 'Solvathallam Unmai' host and actor Lakshmi Ramakrishnan took dig on Aruvi movie as "feminist film made by cheap & personal attacks on another woman! Hello!!! Plagiarism and personal attacks on women are not right!!!". 

She also stated "film industry has to be responsible and not get into cheap spoofing and personal attacks for their own benefits/ hidden agendas. Remember we cater to immature people like this one ! 

"Being a Woman, that too outspoken, in media , successful in some ways and happened to be born in the so called ' brahmin' community, that too having a Palakkad Iyer accent and settled in Tamilnadu is worse than being affected with HIV"

Here are her tweets over Aruvi.


Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Takes Digs On Aruvi Movie