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Entire Kollywood Including Shankar Lauds Aruvi Movie

Entire Kollywood Including Shankar Lauds Aruvi Movie

Aruvi gets the overwhelming support from audience and the great reviews from critics. Whole Tamil film industry including great directors of Kollywood Shankar, AR Murugadoss, Pushkar & Gayatri, Arivazhagan, Karthik Subbaraj and others laud the movie.

Directed by debutante Arun Prabhu Purushothaman the movie has new face Aditi Balan who gave natural performance for the fantastic script. The directed is praised for his beautiful flow of screenplay and daring script. Producer of much acclaimed Joker and Theeran Adhigaram Ondru SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures have produced this international quality movie. 

2 Point 0 director Shankar lauds as a very good movie that unmasks everything and everyone. He lauded the directed and new face Aditi Balan for their work and performance. 

The team had started audition for the lead casts on July 2017. They haunted the bold and beautiful girl who is good in Tamil and found the great performance Aditi Balan. The movie is getting earth-shattering responses in the opening week end that was released on Dec 15th worldwide.

Entire Kollywood Including Shankar Lauds Aruvi Movie