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Balloon Audio Launch Stills

Balloon Audio Launch Still

Balloon audio launch was happened yesterday evening in a grand set. Jai, Anjali, Janani Iyer starring horror thriller directed by Sinish is releasing on Dec 29th worldwide.Yuvan Shankar Raja had tuned music for this. The audio was launched in presence of whole team and Vijay Sethupathi graced the event as special guest.

The two powerhouse actors Anjali and Vijay Sethupathi who paired in Iravi, selfie moment is one of the major attractions in the event.

The movie has 6 tracks Vaanam Dhaane, Mazhai Megam, Uyirile Uyirile, Shut Up Pannunga, The Balloon's Mystery (Title Track) and Revenge of The Joker (Theme). R Saravanan handled camera while Ruben looked after editing.  

Meantime actress Anjali had shared her stills praising costume designer Sathya NJ for her outfit.

Balloon Audio Launch Stills