99 songs Tamil Movie Poster

99 Songs Tamil movie is in theaters from today. The movie is enjoyed by music lovers and received a wide range of positive comments from celebrities.

Oscar Award Winner A R Rahman had played a significant role in the film being offscreen. It is a debut film for him as a producer and story writer.

Ehan Bhat emotionally and admirably does the male role, and Edilsy Vargas, an American actress, handles the female part.

The film was with great expectation among the movie team has it connects the music to the heart of individuals.

But the piracy platforms like Tamil Rockers popped the windows of unofficial releases on websites.

A R Rahman has composed the music very minutely so that the audience can experience the language of music in theatres.

But the piracy platforms pulled the audiences by leaking the movie online. The absolute joy of music can be experienced only in theatres.

The primary purpose of the film is to make the audience travel along with the journey of music, but the goal cannot be attained by watching in on Tamil Rockers and others.

Tamil Rockers leaked the movie 99 Songs in HD clarities within few hours of its official release.

The movie team’s box office hit will not be as expected due to piracy platforms like Tamil Rockers and others.