Yeddyurappa, the chief minister of Karnataka

BS Yeddyurappa, the chief minister of Karnataka, said that lockdown is not a solution for the rapid rise of coronavirus infections on July 22. On July 23, there were more than 5,000 cases reported in the state to cross 40,000 total cases.

It was even after one week intense lockdown in Bangalore from July 14 to 22. Yeddyurappa also blamed the people coming from Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra as the reason for the rise of COVID 19 in Karnataka.

It is one of the major contributors to the record India high infection cases of 49,310 yesterday to come close to the 13 lakh mark today with the death toll already crossed 30,000 yesterday, with 740 deaths reported.

Karnataka sees the rapid rise of COVID 19 in July

Until June, Karnataka was shown as a model state by the central government to be followed by other states to control coronavirus cases. But in July, there is a sharp rise in the infections and the deaths in the state.

With yesterday’s 5,030 cases, the total crossed the 40,000 mark from less than 5,000 until the end of June. With yesterday’s death toll of 48, the state’s total deaths are now at 1,616. The silicon valley of India, Banglore city, saw the highest number of 2,207 cases and 48 deaths to take the total death tally to 783.

Karnataka is busy acquiring lands during corona crisis

While India is reeling under the coronavirus crisis, the central government and the Karnataka state government is focusing more on development projects. The principal secretary of Karnataka government Gaurav Guptha said yesterday that there is a proposal to acquire 20,000 acres of land for large and super-mega enterprises in the industrial areas.

The opposition blames the BJP government is making money during the pandemic

The opposition Congress leader Siddharamaiah and the state Congress chief DK Shivakumarhas blamed the BJP government of misappropriating money to the tune of Rs. 2,000 crores. According to their claim, the money is buying ventilators for the COVID 19 patients, and they were purchased at a high price compared to the Tamil Nadu government’s price.

Ashwathnarayan, the deputy chief minister, said there is a difference in the quality of the ventilators and can be bought from Rs. 4 lakhs to 60 lakhs.

Allegations and counter-allegations continue in Karnataka by the political parties. At the same time, the people suffer a lot and precious lives lost to the deadly pathogen with not much support from anywhere.