Covid 19 Vaccine

With more than 15.3 million infections and 630,000 deaths worldwide, there is the only talk of COVID 19 vaccines by the people as saviors. Currently, there are nearly 150 covid 19 vaccines under trials to save the world people.

Though some countries were aware enough to take all steps to contain the virus, many countries failed in it and now are paying the massive price of losing thousands of precious lives every day. And the top three countries are the US, Brazil, and India, which contribute more than one-third of the infections.

And the US with more than one-fourth of the infections crossing 4 million is more concerned about having the COVID 19 vaccine as early as possible.

Bill Gates donates $ 250 million for the COVID 19 vaccine

After the US government announced not being part of the WHO in these times of the corona crisis and stopped its funding, it is Bill Gates coming to its help. Gates believes that only by global support and fight against the virus can help in controlling it. He also says that any vaccine in the advanced stage of human trials needs more than one dose to prevent the coronavirus infection.

Different studies on the COVID 19 and its vaccine

A study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx found that a simple blood test may confirm the help of steroid treatments on coronavirus patients. The extension of the British study known as the RECOVERY found that dexamethasone steroid reduces COVID 19 deaths to one third. This current New York study was published early this week in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, which is a peer-reviewed one.

A UCLA or University of California, Los Angeles study, published online recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, noticed that coronavirus affected people with no symptoms or with milder syndromes had a weaker immune response.

Tracking 34 COVID 19 patients for their antibodies this research found that the antibodies’ levels were reduced to half of where they started within 75 days or two and a half months.

Oxford COVID 19 vaccine the most promising one

The most promising vaccine confirmed by the Lancet journal for not only a high level of antibody development but also T cell responses is the one by Oxford University. The T cells are part of the white cell T Lymphocytes, which are part of the immune system and develop from stem cells in the bone marrow.

The increase in the response of T cells means that they will be active and remember the coronavirus and will trigger the production of antibodies in the body when there is again an attack of the virus. It is one of the primary reasons that this Oxford vaccine seems to be better than the rest and ordered ten crores of it by the British government.

But only time can say whether the vaccines will succeed against the coronavirus to stop its rapid rise in infections and killing spree of people.