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21-Days Lockdown in India: We would die of hunger, says a daily wage worker

The 21-days Lockdown in Indian Affects daily Waged Workers

Daily Wage Workers suffer to meet the ends due to CoVid lockdown:

Though CoronaVirus restricts the world on one side, it's the workers who suffer more without acquiring the disease due to the money shortage to meet the daily requirements.

India is undergoing the 21-day lockdown from yesterday due to the increasing victims of Coronavirus inside the country. Shutting down for a month is not a big deal for people of high or upper-middle-class, but it's a nightmare for the daily wage workers striking in the CoVid emergency.

ANI reported a scenario on Thursday, "Daily wage workers walk near Delhi-Ghazipur border for their homes in different districts of Uttar Pradesh. A woman says, "We have no money left as we don't get any work here. What shall we eat? If we did not leave the city, we would die of hunger". Delhi, despite being the Capital of India, imposes such an indigestible situation over the families of wage workers.

Corona curfew is an inner curfew to the laborers and daily wage workers who are facing an irresistible break by not being able to serve food for them and their families. There is no way to shift the place or find alternate since all the transports are in complete lockdown due to the talent killer's outbreak.

  • A daily wage worker in Bhopal worried that "I have not eaten. I don't even have money for tea. All my co-workers are starving too. We are troubled because of the lockdown".
  • Another wage worker of Ahmedabad says that "If we do not die of the virus, we certainly will die of hunger."
  • A rickshaw puller delivers his sadness about the deafening silence prevailing all around the world. He also claimed that he does not have even 10 rupees to feed his family.

Most of the State governments around the country have already announced relief measures for their people due to the CoVid lockdown. But somehow many migrant workers are handling disparities in heading back home. Rather Corona, poverty, and hunger are killing many lives in this unavoidable breakdown.

21-Days Lockdown in India: We would die of hunger, says a daily wage worker