Tripura Enters Polling On Sunday Created Huge Curiosity

       Published : Feb 17, 2018 16:30 IST    
Tripura assemble election on February 2018 Tripura assemble election on February 2018

Tripura goes for polls on Sunday. Will BJP make its stand on the peaks?

After a weeklong over heated election campaigns and meeting, finally the day of climax prepared to knock in Tripura. 

Tripura the state is well known for its two and a half decades of communist rule. The state mended with 60 assembly constituencies as total and 59 of it entering the polls by tomorrow where the one constituency entering the poll by 12 of March 2018.

A total of 307 candidates jumped into the pan in all of the 59 constituencies. As usual the election will serve as a strength testing moment for both Central ruling BJP and the state ruling Communist party. Communist party and its alleys signed in for total of 57 and 3 constituencies. The BJP and its alley signed in for 51 and 9 constituencies respectively. INC made rolled up in for total of 59 constituencies as a brave move by not tagging any alleys on its chest.

Apart from the 25 years of communist rule, the 2018 polling had created a huge curiosity among the people of Tripura and the whole nation because of the key contestants of the election. They are Chief Minister of the state Manik Sarkar (CPM), Pratima Bhoumik (BJP) and Laxmi Nag from INC.

The polling is now all set at 3,214 polling centers for the polls of 25,73,413 voters with more than 47,000 new voters. The entry of BJP in this election with hot and spicy campaigns of PM Narendra Modi, Adhithya Nath in a state lead by CPM had made Tripura a hottest place on earth for a week. Seetharam Yachury, Brindha Karath like leftists and Rahul Gandhi's election campaigns are also been welcomed by the people of the state. 

Now just the polling and its results are considered as the mostly awaited things in recent time. More than 300 Indo-Tibet security forces and BSF soldiers are deployed with arms for security norms. The polling will start from 7 PM and ends on 4 PM.

It is expected Chief Minister Manick Sarkar will be elected for once again where he started tenure in 1998. BJP jumped in the election with huge expectation of capturing the state's office. Congress had made many campaigns and earned critics about the jacket. However the EC confirms the counting will be on March 4, the much awaited date in the history of Tripura.

Tripura Enters Polling On Sunday Created Huge Curiosity

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