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Supreme Court of India Orders to Curb Fake News About CoVid-19 Immediately

Fake News on Coronavirus

Supreme Court acts against Fake News spreaders about CcVid-19. CoronaVirus is already a serious threat circling in the present scenario, more like hell around the world.

To stop these fake news on CoVid, the Supreme Court boards an action mission legally. The Supreme Court has ordered the Center to create a new website to curb rumors of Coronavirus and make people aware of it.

With the 21-day curfew imposed across the country to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, Outstation workers in metropolitan areas, including Delhi, went back to their hometowns in defiance of curfews.

Advocates Alok Srivastava, Rashmi Bansal, along with Anuj Gupta, filed a welfare case in the Supreme Court. Chief Justice SA Bopte and Justice L. Nageswara Rao, who was on video surveillance for the hearing, ordered the central government to file a report on the measures taken to prevent the exodus of outstation workers and adjourned the hearing to March 31. Accordingly, Chief Justice SA Bopte and Justice L. Nageswara Rao were present at the hearing again yesterday.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing on behalf of the central government when the investigation began, said that unlike other countries, India had taken a number of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease before the first person was identified.

He also added that a letter had been sent to all states to prevent such deportation. All displaced workers have been placed in special shelters since the 31st. There they are being provided with all the facilities. The displacement of workers is now halted.

In addition, Corona-related experiments have been expanded nationwide. Daily news reports are made available to the public about Coronavirus.

Supreme Court orders issued by the judges after the hearing:

  • Workers must establish basic amenities and medical facilities in special shelters where they are housed. With summer now approaching, these camps need to be free of water, food, and medicine.
  • Panic and fear are at greater risk of life than Coronavirus. Therefore, a high-level committee of experts should be formed to disseminate the correct information to the public in order to create awareness of the corona.
  • The court order strongly warned the media and news related officials to maintain high responsibility and ensure that unverified news capable of causing panic is not telecasted or printed. It also stated that the court would not interfere with the free discussion about the contagion, but direct the media to cross-verify the originality of the news before being published. 
  • The State should organize CoVid counseling by the trained counselors and leaders of all religions to the people sheltered in special camps across the regions to give the workers both mental courage and awareness of CoronaVirus.

Purpose of the Website:

The central government should create a website within 24 hours so that it can spread awareness about the corona and deliver the right messages to the public. The website should work to break the news and rumors.

According to the Central Government during the hearing, the facility is currently being launched in WhatsApp and will further enhance the facility.

The Chief Justice then adjourned the hearing to April 7 with a warning notice stating that media should report only the truth about CoVid and the original data' should be available through Facebook, Twitter, and Digital processors in order to prevent a series of misinformation and rumors.

Supreme Court of India Orders to Curb Fake News About CoVid-19 Immediately