Stop rumors of my father being dead, asks Pranab son

Former President Pranab Mukherjee
Former President Pranab Mukherjee

Stop rumors of my father being dead, asks Pranab’s son: There were rumors about the condition of former president Pranab Mukherjee yesterday that he was dead. But the R and R hospital confirmed today August 13 that he is in the coma stage, but his vital parameters are stable.

The son of Bharat Ratna Pranab requested all people by his tweet not to believe rumors and that his father is still alive, though his condition is unchanged, social media was flooded with fake news of his death. It was after a senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has tweeted that he is dead. But soon, the tweet was removed.

Pranab in comatose

Former finance minister, president, and Bharat Ratna, Pranab is now under comatose in Army’ Research and Referral Hospital in Delhi. On August 10 had tweeted that he had tested positive and wanted all those who came in contact with him last week to check for Covid 19.

He came to know of the infection while coming to the hospital to remove the blood clot in his brain. This 84-year-old veteran Indian politician underwent the operation, and the blood clot was successfully removed. But he went to the coma stage and is under ventilator support. The hospital confirmed all his vital parameters are stable now.

Pranab’s son requests to stop fake news.

Abhijeet Banarjee, Pranab’s son today in a tweet, has said that the media has become a factory of fake news. It is because of the news that his father had died by a senior journalist. He had also said that his father is still alive and hemodynamically stable. Also, Pranab’s daughter Shamistha Mukherjee said in a tweet that all rumors about her father are false.

And she wanted no one to contact her by phone, especially the media, as she had to get information from the hospital about her father. For decades, Pranab had been in political life and the administration of many top posts like finance minister, external affairs minister, president, and others.

A doctor who attended him in 2007 while he met in an accident in Kolkata says that he was calm and composed even after serious injuries. That was his skill all through his life to take him to new heights. May we all pray for his speedy recovery.