Sanitizer Cause Fire on Bike
During the sanitizing process, a biker was set ablaze after alcohol based sanitizer was sprayed on the biker.

A biker was set ablaze after passing through a Coronavirus sanitizing point with his bike in Ahmedabad. Now, this has sent caution among bikers and sanitizing workers across the nation.

Like many other countries, disinfecting measures are underway in many parts of India since the outbreak of Coronavirus. Under the norms of Indian Health Ministry, many states have appointed many sanitizing workers to disinfect public places and public vehicles to stop the spread of the virus.

Last week, a biker was pulled up by the health workers of the Naroda area of Ahmedabad to disinfect his vehicle. In India, the health workers are advised to carry out disinfecting measures by spraying alcohol-based sanitizing liquids on the objects. But, unexpectedly, the bike covered by a sudden ball of fire seconds after the sprayed sanitizing liquid touches the hot exhaust pipe of the bike.

Reportedly, there were no casualties as the biker hopped out of his bike in no time, and the sanitizing workers backed off immediately. It seems this accident is completely a result of a pure lack of awareness among the people. The government recommended alcohol-based liquid sanitizers as per the World Health Organization’s advice.

Most of the Alcohol-based sanitizers are classified as Class I Flammable liquid Substance. They have a flash point of fewer than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This literally means that spraying sanitizers on a hot surface could cause a fire.

A normal air-cooled engine temperature of a four-stroke bike could range between 100-200 degrees Celsius after 40 km run and so its exhaust. There is no doubt that they can set sanitizers ablaze. Though the government is taking necessary action to create awareness among the people and the health worker about the disease, this kind of accident can be avoided by creating necessary awareness about alcohol bases sanitizers.