Renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking Passed Away At age 76

       Published : Mar 14, 2018 13:04 IST    
Stephen Hawking Passed Away At age 76. Image Credit: Flickr Stephen Hawking Passed Away At age 76. Image Credit: Flickr

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance it is the illusion of knowledge: Stephen Hawking

Prof. Stephen Hawking, the man who was considered as another Albert Einstein had passed away on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. The official reports from his family confirmed his death at the age of 76 peacefully in his home at Cambridge earlier hours of today's morning. But the coincidence of his death with the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein left everyone in shocked and similarly disheartened.

At the age of 21, Stephen Hawking was affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a nerve disease that can't be treated. He lost his vocal cords and pushed up to communicate with a computer-aided speech synthesis system. But he never failed to make his steppes forward. Even he used to battle with death for almost 50 years and showed up as a role model for dreamers on future time travel. 

Hawking was a British scientist in the field of theoretical physics as like Einstein but he also contributed with quantum gravity and cosmology apart from general relativity. Literally, he just modernized the theories of Einstein. He extended the singularity theorem in his doctoral thesis and postulated the second law of black hole dynamics and proposed four laws of black hole mechanics that expanded the knowledge of time travel. 

Ultimately Hawking is known for his book "The Brief History of Time" that awarded him six million dollars by the Annenberg Foundation of United States the book that explained the "Big Bang to Black Hole" in an understandable way. In the same space concept series, he published many books like The Universe in a Nutshell, George's Secret Key to the Universe, Black Holes and the Baby Universe, The Theory of Everything etc...  

He was a Lucasian Professor of mathematics and a recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom one of the prestigious award of United States.

He was born in Oxford of United Kingdom on January 8, 1942, and died in Cambridge of United Kingdom on March 14, 2018.

Renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking Passed Away At age 76

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