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Prisons Acting As Placement Cells For Terrorists In J and K

Prisons Acting As Placement Cells For terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir

Central Prisons of J & K turned as a recruitment cells for terrorism.

Recently the Crime Investigation Department of Jammu and Kashmir had proposed a shocking fact that the Central Prison of the state is acting as a cell for recruiting candidates for important terrorist organizations. Deputy General of Police of the state SP Vaith had sent the reports prepared by Inspector General AG Mir to the state head Mehbooba Mufti.

The report says that the Central Prison situated at Sri Nagar is acting as a recruitment cell for the terrorists of various organizations. The prison holds the most important place in the city and most important terrorists of the country. Some terrorists are still ruling the prison as their Kingdom with the support of locals of that area. The locals are helping the terrorists in the prison with the support of some officers by threatening their lives and their family. 

The terrorists in the prison lights up a chain reaction of terrorism first they select the candidates, then they grab their trust and later the candidates have been sent across the border for training. There was no reaction from the prison department regarding this issue which they got acknowledged through the letters of police officials in the prison.

The report also states that DGP SK Mishra who had been transferred from the prison after the escape of Navnith, a terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba escaped while escorting. He had written this issue to the state government but he got no reaction for his letters except his transfer order.

Prisons Acting As Placement Cells For Terrorists In J and K