Pregnant Pachyderm Death photos
The fact that even though it was unable to eat and with unbearable pain, the elephant did not hurt humans.

Elephant death in Kerala: Even in these times of corona crisis when human lives are going down like nine pins, humanity or the lack of it came to light in God’s own country, Kerala. It is about the death of the pregnant 15 years old elephant because of eating pineapple stuffed with crackers. This gruesome incident happened in Mannarkat in Palghat district, and now the talk of not only in India but gone international.

From the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Central Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar to scores of people are now expressing their anger and concern towards the suffering and killing of another living being, which forms the base of humanity.

The post on the elephant death moved millions of hearts

The Facebook post on May 30, by Mohan Krishnan on the death of the pregnant pachyderm, went viral on social media. The sufferings went through by the elephant with mouth injuries caused by the burst of crackers moved millions of hearts. Also, the fact that even though it was unable to eat and with unbearable pain, the elephant did not hurt humans. A lot of people wanted stringent action for those responsible for killing the elephant.

There are many reasons cited for the death, but the most common is the pineapple stuffed with crackers that were usually kept to kill wild boars and pigs in forests. But whatever the reason, it is not justifiable to kill these huge innocent creatures which do not intend to harm humans even with their enormous strength.

Post-mortem report of the Pregnant Elephant

Dr. David Abraham is the assistant forest veterinary officer of the Mannarkat forest region in Palghat district. After completing the post mortem on the dead of the 15-year-old pregnant elephant, he said that there were terrible injuries due to the cracker explosion. Due to its broken jaw, the pregnant pachyderm was unable to eat or drink anything for weeks, and it was weak, not even able to walk when it was found. He confirmed that it was fruit that the elephant ate caused the injuries with crackers in it but said it is not sure whether it is a pineapple.

Pregnant Pachyderm Investigation yields no result

The investigation started by the forest officials in Kerala is yet to find the culprits. The reason cited by them is that it is almost two weeks when the elephant consumed the fruit with crackers and has traveled many kilometers with the injury. Even with the chief minister and the central environment minister promising stern action against the culprits behind the death of the pregnant elephant, no one is still arrested or even identified.

The worst part or the most touching part of the whole incident is that despite being pregnant and without able to eat, the elephant did not hurt any humans. It was just lying in a pond with its injured mouth immersed in the water. As many people think of living for more than 500 years, they are only living in the borrowed space from these animals.

Thousands of such elephants are killed every year, and the elephants being the most massive living beings with enormous strength, never intend to harm humans, but are always humble and kind to them. If these situations continue, soon elephants will also be only in history books for the future generations to wonder about their existence as they do for dinosaurs.