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Coronavirus In India: Positive Cases crossed 750 in India

Coronavirus positive Cases is Rising in India

Coronavirus threat is becoming real now with the mighty US becoming the country with its highest infected cases at 83,000+. India is having now 753 infected cases in 27 states and killed 20 people as of now. In the last three days, including the lockdown in the past two days, the infected cases have doubled now. Worldwide the infected cases have crossed five lakhs and death toll nearly 23,000 people.

An eight-year-old grandchild of the dead man in West Bengal has tested positive for coronavirus. A 16-year-old girl dies of covid-19 illness in France, which registered the highest death toll yesterday, March 26 of 365, taking the total death toll to 1,696. The SAARC leaders have said that the coronavirus does not have any geographical barriers.  They have set apart 5 trillion USD to combat coronavirus.

In Tamil Nadu, a steep rise in infected cases in the last two days takes the tally to 29 now. In other states, it includes Maharashtra - 124 and Kerala -118 are in the top with the highest positive cases. Around19 states have below 20 to 10 infected persons. The government and the people are worried about the steady increase in the infected cases even after the lockout.  Another fearsome factor is that even with the best healthcare facilities in the US, it has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus infection.

More than 40 % of Americans are quarantined, but today more than 83,000 of them have tested positive. The death toll is also nearing 1200. If a well developed and less populated country like the US, when compared to India, could increase their infected cases rapidly in the last few days, what will be the situation in India is causing chill on the spines.  With not many healthcare facilities, ICUs, hospital beds, hospitals, and more, if the situation gets worse in India, it could be pathetic.

Coronavirus In India: Positive Cases crossed 750 in India