Police Constable Sunita Yadav
If I fail as an I. P. S., I will reform as an Advocate or Journalist," Sunita Yadav added her future plans

“I will come back as I. P. S. “-Constable Sunita Yadhav’s brave response to Minister son Prakash Kanani.

The bold action by Constable Sunita Yadav irrespective of the power and authority by youngsters in Gujarat for violating lockdown regulations hikes attention day by day right from the day of the incident on July 9, 2020.

The female constable, Sunita Yadav has offered to resign her post following an issue with the Minister’s son and challenged to come back as I. P. S. officer.

What exactly happened during Curfew duty?

With her unquestionable act on citizens violating rules despite powers, Sunita Yadav became the Lady Singham of India overnight. Sunita Yadav serves as an L. R. D. constable in the Surat region of Gujarat.

While on duty at Varachha road during the night of July 8, Prakash Kanani, son of Gujarat’s Health Minister Kumar Kanani and his friends arrived in a car with his friends. Certainly, the constable questioned the youngsters Why did you break the rules during the curfew? Not even wearing a mask?. But is said to have responded negligently in the guise of the Minister’s son.

This has led to an argument between the two. Constable Sunita Yadav, who arrested them, warned the police that it was wrong even for the Prime Minister to violate the curfew. Sunita did not release the Minister’s son even after receiving orders from the superiors.

The matter went viral on social media and Sunita was praised. Prakash Kanani and his friends were arrested last Sunday and later released on bail. Following this, Sunita Yadav was said to have gone on medical leave. Meanwhile, she was transferred to another police station.

Lady Singham’s actionful response: Confronting to the limelight news, Sunita Yadav met the Commissioner of Police recently to inform her resignation as constable claiming her will to become an I. P. S. Sunita also stated that she realised the importance of rank in the field which was off the line when I got selected as L. R. D. constable years back.

“If I fail as an I. P. S., I will reform as an Advocate or Journalist,” Sunita Yadav added her future plans. However, the truth and justice never gonna stop despite the position in serving the nation and innocent people, says Sunita.

Meanwhile, several fake Twitter accounts roam in the name of the brave lady to gain in terms of money. Despite all, usual works of power continue in this case too from the higher authorities side threatening the life, but the video evidence proves justice in favour of her.