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Light Diyas, Candles or Cellphone Flashes this Sunday 9 PM, requests PM Modi

Light Diyas, Candles or Cellphone Flashes

Lit Diyas, Candles or switch flashlights on – Prime Minister addressed the nation to combat COVID 19

Everybody in the nation has designed thoughts by connecting the dots within, and speculations were huge that Modi would talk about the lockdown or extension of the same or a speech outlining that. But it was not the case. The Prime Minister, as instructed before to clap for the social and health care workers, has again come up with a request to switch off all the lights at 9 P.M on April 5 and lit Diyas, candles, or putting flashlights on for 9 minutes. On March 22, worldwide, people gave thunderous applause for five minutes and appreciated healthcare care, social and sanitation workers.

It is a belief that prayer with similar positive thoughts would shake the universe, and the energies will accumulate towards positivity. A lot of memes criticizing Modi's thoughts of clapping got viral in social media without understanding the power of unity. In a similar token, Diyas will be lighted on April 5 to combat the deadly virus.

"Let us all light the Jyoti (lamp), which will dissolve all the negatives prevailing and help us to tide over this difficult phase." Also, the Prime Minister discussed with the Chief Ministers of all states to devise a common strategy and path to lift down the lockdown.

The Chief Ministers of the states are asked to come up with ideas. Named Sars-Cov-2, the virus causes respiratory illness and causes life-threatening issues for those who are suffering from respiratory troubles like asthma, Sinus, etc. Pneumonia affects those with these ailments and causes death.

It has killed over 50,000 worldwide, including 69 in India. This week is said to be very crucial, and people are expected to follow the discipline of staying at home without roaming to fight against this dreadful virus.

Light Diyas, Candles or Cellphone Flashes this Sunday 9 PM, requests PM Modi