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There is no plan of extending the lockdown Post 21 Days - Rajiv Gauba

Extending the Lockdown

Extension of Lockdown post 21 days is baseless – Government outlined:

News reports are there everywhere, and social media also flashes that the coronavirus lockdown might get extended more than 21 days. As of now, till April 14, the lockdown is amended. From the day the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman outlined the relief measures which contoured three months, the rumors have started getting sprayed in the air that the lockdown is going to be extended till three months.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba said the reports of lockdown extension are baseless. Centre issues guidelines for states with enforcing the guidelines strictly and not to compromise by any means of the lockdown period.

Centre intervened and discussed on the lockdown on the backdrop of the migrant workers across states started moving to villages (hometowns) from cities. The government has already directed the construction workers and others who employ the migrant workers to take care of their accommodation and food.

Despite the government's instruction, all these sorts of distractions happening everywhere, not understanding the seriousness of the prevailing pandemic. The Prime Minister has requested the citizens to be under the lockdown strictly from March 24, and it is indeed important to contain the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister stated, "If the guidelines are not strictly followed, India has to see the devastating phase, and a lot of people have to lose their lives." Also, he highlighted that the only way to contain the coronavirus spread is to maintain social distancing. If this exodus of migrant workers happens, then social distancing cannot be achieved.

For most of the people, the coronavirus causes fever and cough like the normal viral fever, and in a week or two, it will be subsided. But people who have a history of respiratory problems, other disorders like diabetes, cardiac issues, etc. will eventually get affected a lot.

These people have lower immunity levels and may contract pneumonia, and ultimately some lose their lives. The good sign is it hits India in summer, and a temperature of 33 degrees is prevalent. This also contains the spread as the virus cannot live at a high temperature.

There is no plan of extending the lockdown Post 21 Days - Rajiv Gauba