18 Tamil people dead and 55 missing in landslide in Kerala

18 Tamil people dead and 55 missing in landslide in Kerala
18 Tamil people dead and 55 missing in landslide in Kerala

Kerala is the worst-hit state by floods for the third year continuously. On August 7, a landslide in a private tea estate submerged nearly 80 Tamil people staying and working there. So far, 18 have been brought out dead, and 17 are rescued live. The fate of the remaining 45 people is still unknown after nearly two days.

Prime minister has sanctioned Rs. 2 lakhs for the dead people’s family. The Kerala chief minister is saying all steps are taken to find the missing persons. The Tamil Nadu chief minister has only expressed condolences to the dead in Kerala.

How did the landslide happen in Kerala to kill 18 Tamil people?

In the Idukki district in Kerala, there were heavy rains for the past few days. On August 7, while the nearly 80 Tamil people were in their tenements, the landslide suddenly occurred. The huts were in Tata Kannan Tea estate in Rajamalai Pettimadi near Munnar.

32 Tamil families were living here in three lines, with each having around ten houses. The 15 rescued people were from the corner houses of the three rows to miraculously escape from the landslide.

The fate of the missing Tamil people in Kerala landslide

All the 80 Tamil people are many families from Bharathi Nagar in Kayatharu in Thoothukudi district. They have been working in the estate for more than 60 years. On hearing the news of the missing Tamil people in Kerala, ten people from Bharathi Nagar went on a van to Idukki district.

The governments gave the E-pass, but they are asked to quarantine for 15 days by the Kerala government. They are now asking the governments to help identify the dead people and know the fate of the missing Tamil people under the sand.

Kerala for the third year in a row is flooded by rains in August and will this year be the worst of the three, will be known soon as IMD confirms of more storms until Sunday, August 9.