Kerala snake murder Udhra case
Udhra was first bitten by a Viper snake in her home on March 2 and was under medical care with her mom for recovery.

Kollam: Udhra and Sooraj belong to Kollam District of Kerala with their 1-year-old son in Anchal. The couple got married in 2018 and the life changed up within two years of marriage, leaving their child’s life to hang with a big question mark.

Death is inevitable and many lives are suffering due to the absence of their beloved. But in Kerala, the condition is different, Husband himself killed his dumb wife Udhra (25) using an odd weapon (Snake).

Yes, it’s been several days since Udhra’s death, but the arrogant nature of her death ruins the normalcy of neighbor public till now.

What exactly happened in Udhra’s death? Udhra was first bitten by a Viper snake in her home on March 2 and was under medical care with her mom for recovery. Following the first bite, the young lady was again hit by a Cobra on May 6 in the same room and died immediately due to the venom.

This agitated Udhra’s family to detangle the mystery behind their daughter’s loss. Immediately Udhra’s parents filed a complaint in Kollam Rural Police Station.

Right after the investigation, the District Police clearly stated that the nature of death seems chaotic since there is zero chance of the snake to enter the same air-conditioned room twice within a month.

With several sessions of hours-long investigation with Sooraj and Udhra’s family, District Chief Police clarified that the death is a murder and Sooraj allegedly accepted his attempt to murder Udhra using snake.

Moreover, Sooraj’s browsing history informed the Police in a different way about his search for snakes. However, Sooraj confessed that he procured a snake three months back from a snake seller.

In this case, the son of Suresh, who gave the snake tips, told the Police, “Sooraj, bought a snake from my father telling that there is a rat infestation in his home.

But after a month, he came to buy another snake from my father. He claimed that he is not aware of the murder plan until it flashed in news”.

Meanwhile, the Police arrested the seller too along with Sooraj. It is also clear that the Sooraj is torturing and harassing Udhra for dowry despite getting 800 grams of gold along with a car.

The fight between the couple regarding the money from Udhra’s home and Sooraj’s second marriage idea keenly made this murder.

What the Court Order? Despite murder and arrest, the total life turning point is enrolled all over the one-year-old boy. However, the court orders the kid to stay under the control of Udhra’s family concerning wellness.