Covdi19 Fever Camp in Coimabtore

Being aware of the pandemic is a must hereafter as the cases hiked abnormally out of mark within 24 hours never like ever from the start of CoVid in India.

The number increased unexpectedly crossing 12 lakhs i.e. exactly 12,38,635 positive cases registered till date due to the single-day hike of 45,720 new cases and 1129 deaths yesterday alone as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare report.

However, the Ministry outlined that from the 12 lakh total count of positive cases in which 4,26,67 lakhs are active cases yet with 7,82,607 lakhs cured cases along with 29,557 death toll as per the report on Thursday.

Moreover, this shocks the Indian government furthermore as the rise in numbers occur continuously amidst strict lockdown measures enforced in every nook and corner of the country for the past 5 months since March Almost 1,50,75,369 samples tested till July 22, where 3,50,823 samples tested on Wednesday alone, says Indian Council of Medical Research.

This high testing in India day by day raises the need for more control from the public side in order to save more lives.

Despite all, Several international pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer in association with BioNTech, state that the vaccine production is rigorously in process and will be updated to the market by the end of this year or by early 2021.

With Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi topping the CoVid rate in India, State governments’ are actively working on the CoronaVirus preventive measures with new ideas other than lockdowns. States like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh declared their zero curfews to overcome economically in the future days.

School administrations are suffering from the pandemic monetarily and to know inside out about the risks faced by the educational management in this contagious situation, Central Square Foundation conducted a study all over India.

The study concluded that low fee schools suffer a lot from the absence of regular life hitting hard on their drive highly in the monetary aspect. Most of the State Governments warned the school authorities not to collect fees during the pandemic, but till date, 25% of parents complain about the unethical acts of several schools as identified by the report.

Alongside 50% of the schools are planning to reduce fees of students, cut teacher packs, and mainly increase the conducting classes in more numbers in the upcoming academic year, the study reveals.