Covid Update West Bengal

With the new surge in coronavirus infections, West Bengal has announced a complete lockdown for two days every week. Its home secretary admits community transmission in few parts of West Bengal. It is after ICA, Kerala Chief minister and others confirming of community transmission in India.

But ICMR still says that there is no community transmission in India. Meanwhile, India registered another 37,148 cases to take the total infections to 11,55,191 cases. And there were 587 deaths to bring the total death tally to 28,084 cases.

COVID 19 in West Bengal

Until June, most infections were reported only from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. Experts confirmed that it is only because of more tests in these states and transparency. Until July, states like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and West Bengal reported fewer infections and deaths.

Now both Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka are under intense lockdown due to a rapid rise in the cases. In West Bengal, as of July 20, there were 42,487 cases and 1,112 deaths. It is even after the CM Mamata Bannerjee announcing of canceling of domestic flights from six states, including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Nagpur, Pune, and Ahmedabad from July 6 to 19.

Community transmission confirmed by West Bengal government

Community transmission is of not knowing the source of the coronavirus infection. Alapan Bandyopadhyay, the home secretary of the West Bengal, met the press yesterday, July 20. He said that in few parts of the state, there is the detection of COVID 19 community transmission.

Further, he said that after the high-level meeting chaired by the CM, it had been decided to completely lockdown the state on July 23 and 25. And next week it will be on July 29. Banks also will remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Recently IMA or the Indian Medical Association has confirmed COVID 19 community transmission. Even the Kerala chief minister has confirmed that there are parts of Trivandrum with community transmission, after sudden spike in the coronavirus infections.

But the Indian government or the ICMR still denies any community transmission of COVID 19. India, in June and July, is adding nearly 10 lakh coronavirus infection cases.