Fourth Package Bomb Of Austin Is Wire Tripped

       Published : Mar 19, 2018 15:48 IST    
Fourth Package Bomb Of Austin Is Wire Tripped. Image Credit: FBI Official Website Fourth Package Bomb Of Austin Is Wire Tripped. Image Credit: FBI Official Website

Fourth Package Bomb went off in Austin after FBI announced Bounty.

Another Package Bomb went off in Austin at 4800 Dawn Song drive on March 18, Sunday Eve. Austin Police Department had confirmed that the Sunday explosion was the fourth Package Bomb explosion in the month. ATF reported that unlike previous explosions this time the bomb has been triggered with tripwire.

The latest Austin explosion has seriously injured two men aged around 20. The bomb exploded when they drive over the trip wire that connected with the Package Bomb across the street while they cycling. 

The Austin Police Department (APD), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have announced a bounty on March 18. They announced $ 100,000 bounty along with $15,000 from Texas crime stoppers for any information and conviction regarding the serial package explosions of Austin. But the bounty they announced has given a negative reaction later on the same day with the fourth Package Bomb explosion.

The first Package Bomb went off for the first time on March 2, 2018, at 1100 block of Haverford Drive. Reports according to the APD, a package has been left at the front porch of Anthony Stephen House residence, the package blown up the 39-years old men when he tried to pick up the package and open it up. Later on March 12, 17-years old Draymen William Mason was killed and his mother had been left hospitalized for severe burn injuries after a package bomb went off at the front porch of their residence when they tried to open it up. The third Bomb went off on the same day around the mid-day at 6700 blocks of Galindo Street and that injured a 75 years old female.

The FBI started its investigation by smelling the relation between previous assailants of Package Bomb explosion as they left with no clues and CCTV footages of the murderer. Meanwhile, the Austin Police Department had reminded the public of Austin to avoid touching any unknown packages and requested them to call the law enforcement agency to handle the package. 

Fourth Package Bomb Of Austin Is Wire Tripped

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