Domestic Flight begins after 2 months in India: Passengers suffer due to boarding cancellation

Airport Officer checking passenger temp in Entry

Airport Officer checking passenger temp in Entry

Bus, train and air traffic in India has been canceled since March 25 due to a nationwide curfew following the spread of coronavirus. Foreign and domestic passenger services have been discontinued due to the pandemic CoVid curfew.

Under the Vande Bharat program, some planes were operated only to rescue Indians trapped abroad. Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri, has announced that domestic civil aviation will start from May 25, as the 4th phase of the curfew is coming to an end.

Travelers were requested to wear a face mask and to download the Arogya Sethu app on mobiles. Officials also said that only those who did not have a corona infection were only allowed to board the Flight.

Flight Passenger Temperature Screening done by Airport Officer. Bhubaneswar Airport

In this case, the air traffic began in India yesterday, two months after the Janata curfew. The flights were operated in states, excluding West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

The first Flight left Delhi to Pune at 4.45 am yesterday. Similarly, the first Flight from Mumbai left Patna at 6.45 am. Also, the first Flight with 29 passengers, including two children, arrived in Chennai at 8.40 am yesterday. Another plane landed in Chennai at 9.15 am with 109 passengers, including 5 children. The third Flight with 36 passengers arrived at Chennai at 10.30 am from Bangalore.

The IndiGo flight with 116 passengers departed from Chennai at 6.35 am. Thereafter, flights to Bangalore, Kochi, Coimbatore, Varanasi and Thiruvananthapuram also departed from Chennai.

Some flights departing from various cities of the country, including Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Trichy, Tuticorin and Bangalore have abruptly stopped passengers due to the sudden cancellation of flights.

Coronavirus Safety Measures at Varanasi Airport – Bags Sanitization

The Government of Tamil Nadu has objected to the resumption of flights amid the coronavirus epidemic and has allowed passenger flights at airports in three other cities, including Chennai and Coimbatore and Madurai, with a warning.

Travelers have been told that 14 days home isolation is mandatory and e-passes must be purchased online. Air traffic sources said that 630 flights were canceled across the country yesterday due to low passenger traffic.

Yesterday, 532 flights were operated across the country, with 39,231 passengers on board, Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said. He said that Chennai airport will have a maximum of 25 flights, but no target has been set for how many flights will depart from the city.

The 1st Domestic scheduled flight after two months,operated by Indigo
on BLR-TRZ-BLR route.

Apart from aviation in India, the Flight will leave Chennai at 11.15 am and reach Tuticorin at 12.35 pm in Tamilnadu. After that, the passengers will depart from Tuticorin at 1.20 pm and reach Chennai at 3 pm.

The Flight will operate from Tuticorin to Chennai on the 26th, 28th and 30th of this month. Similarly, Chennai-Salem True Jet will also start service tomorrow.

The airline is scheduled to start service in Andhra Pradesh today (Tuesday) and in West Bengal on May 28.

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