Death toll rose to 54 in the Munnar landslide – NDRF Rekha Nambiar

Death toll rose to 54 in the Munnar landslide
Death toll rose to 54 in the Munnar landslide

Kerala: The death toll from a landslide in Idukki district’s Munnar area has risen. There are still 16 bodies trapped in this area. Work is underway to rescue them and delays mainly due to the heavy rainfall yet.

Due to the heavy rainfall floods in the Kannan Devan Tea Estate of Rajamalai Pettimudi region in Munnar, a disheartening landslide took immense people into the soil at midnight. Of these, 20 houses in the residential area were buried in the soil intact.

In addition, 78 Tamil Nadu workers and their families who lived in them were buried alive. Following the landslide, more than 600 people, including Kerala firefighters, police and the National Disaster Rescue Force, were involved in the rescue operation continuously for about seven days. It is noteworthy that 90% of the people trapped in this landslide are Tamilians.

In this case, the actor Surya expressed his condolences to the kin those who lost their beloved in the landslide via Twitter, “More than 50 people from Tamil Nadu have been killed in a landslide in Idukki district of Kerala. It is an unbearable tragedy that those who left their homeland and worked for the family and the future well-being of their children are buried alive and dead”.

Meanwhile, the 55-member National Disaster Rescue Force (NDRF) is involved in the operation under the head of Rekha Nambiar, the first women Senior Commandant of the 4th Battalion of the National Disaster Rescue Force. Notably, the NDRF women commander Rekha is a Keralite but born and brought up in Chennai who initiated her career via CISF.

Speaking about the rescue operations, Rekha said, “It is feared that up to 83 people may have been buried in the soil, referring to three landslide rescue operations.

Two teams from the National Disaster Rescue Force have been involved in rescue operations since last Friday. So far the bodies of 54 people have been recovered. Sixteen are still missing. It is feared that the bodies of many may have been swept away as there is a river nearby”.