Covid-19 India, cross 59 lakh positive cases and 93,379 deaths due to COVID-19, September 26 update

Passengers back to Native from Dubai, Kolkata Airport.

India crossed 59 lakhs of positive cases and 93,379 deaths due to COVID-19 today, September 26. Now India is only around ten lakhs less than the US, which has 70 lakh positive cases.

But in the US, the daily reported new patients is only approximately 40,000, whereas it is more than double every day in India.

Experts confirm that if India continues at the same rate of new infections, it will overtake the US to become the top country in the world to be the worst hit by the coronavirus.

In its latest editorial, the Lancet journal has criticized India and, in particular, its top medical body ICMR, for putting a highly positive spin or appearance of the COVID 19 situation and the urgency to announce vaccine on August 15 to have worse effects on the people.

Meanwhile, the election commission announced the Bihar state elections in three phases in October. The results will be announced on November 10.

COVID-19 in Indian states

Maharashtra continues to be in the first position of the worst-hit states by the coronavirus with more than 13 lakh cases.

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, having relatively less reported cases until July, are now the most affected states.

Andhra Pradesh overtook Tamil Nadu to become the second worst-hit state in India with 6,61,458 cases.

Karnataka also is now increasing fast to come to the third position to push Tamil Nadu to fourth with increasing cases every day.

Karnataka reported 8,000 plus new cases to take its total positive cases to 5,57,212. Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are the other two states with an increased number of cases.

Only the Covid-19 Vaccine can stop all coronavirus spread and when Dr Reddys lab gets it to India.

COVID-19 Case report in Tamil Nadu Today

Tamil Nadu continues to reporting 5,647 positive cases, now have 5,75,017 positive cases. Now coming down to the third position will come to fourth position next week with Karnataka reporting more daily cases and with only 10,000 less than Tamil Nadu.

Only two districts of Chennai and Coimbatore have more than one-third of the total new cases. While Chennai again reported 1,187 new cases and 23 deaths, it is Coimbatore with 656 new cases with five deaths.

The other four districts that have more than two hundred new cases include

COVID 19 took the life of one of the greatest playback singers in the world, SP Balasubramaniam yesterday. Thousands of people paid homage to the legendary singer, actor, and producer at his residence yesterday.

Today his last rites will be performed at his Thamaraipakkam farmhouse, and no public allowed for it.

COVID 19 also took the life of a Central Minister of State for Railways Suresh Angadi, and now the Delhi deputy chief minister Sisodia in the hospital due to COVID 19.

Daily around 90,000 new Covid-19 positive cases reported in India and the total deaths have crossed 93,000. Every day more than 1,000 precious lives are reported dead. Experts think it may be higher all over India, with only a few reported.

The world-famous journal Lancet has warned India of undermining the rise of COVID-19. Hence, it is time for people, especially in small towns and villages, to not take COVID-19 easily and be safe.

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