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Coronavirus Lockdown in India Brought Down the Newspaper Sales

Newspapers Sale Drops in India

CoronaVirus shutdown in India is meeting high loss in every possible business sector due to the curtailment in regular lifestyle.

Likewise, newspaper sales in India have met an immense sales drop due to the contagious lockdown inside the country. The newspaper has been an essential need of many people in their daily mornings' despite technological advancements like Television and the Internet.

Approximately 100 crores of people are locked inside the house to avoid the spread of the Corona contagion. Newspapers are the only means of infotainment in several indoors, which does not have the facility of television and electronic gadgets. This pandemic circumstance is an ultimate ban for those folks who rely on the paper news to gain day to day knowledge.

But the Newspaper sales have dropped to a large extent in the country due to the unproven rumors prevailing about the CoVid spread via newspaper supply.

People are the final only means of distributing papers to each and every home in a particular locality. However, it is clearly believed that CoronaVirus may transmit via the person supplying newspapers every day.

The business of newspapers has completely got struck due to the false rumors in many states like Jharkhand, Assam, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and many parts of the country.

But the companies printing daily news claim that the statement is still not proven from the doctors or therapists, and our workers are engaged in distribution only after the proper masking precautions to control the spreading CoVid-19.

Coronavirus Lockdown in India Brought Down the Newspaper Sales