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Will the lockdown continue in India?

Today, May 27 is the 64th day of lockdown in India starting from March 24. On the day of announcing the lockdown, the number of coronavirus infected cases was 496, and as of yesterday, it has crossed 1.4 lakhs. The ruling party claims it as a success to have saved a lot of people.

The opposition party including, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, had said it is a failure. The Indian health ministry defending the lockdown had said yesterday that India’s fatality rate is the lowest and the recovery rate the highest due to lockdown.

Lockdown debate hot in India

On March 24, the prime minister announced lockdown starting within four hours from midnight. The first lockdown was for 21 days, which is now prolonged to 68 days until May 31. But the infected cases continue to rise from hundreds to thousands and lakhs now.

Will the lockdown end on May 31 and are the relaxations announced, including the sudden announcement of domestic flights operating from May 25 is correct or not is the debate going on now in India.

Photo: Airport authority – bags sanitization

India is now in the top 10 Coronavirus infected countries list

Himachal Pradesh is the first state to announce an extension of lockdown in two districts until June 30. With the highest number of cases in India, Maharashtra has hinted on Sunday of extending the lockdown. Meanwhile, China yesterday asked its citizens in India to come back and even started booking return flights.

The reason they are citing is due to the rapid rise in the infection cases in India now. China from where the infection started is returning to normal while India is now in the top 10 countries only behind the worst affected like the US, Italy, and only next to Turkey.

Indian Health Ministry Report on lockdown and recovery

Lav Agarwal, the joint secretary of the union health ministry, had said yesterday that the recovery rate continues to improve. He said that it is currently at 41.61 %, and also the fatality rate in India is the lowest in the world at 2.87 % at present. Overall there are 80,722 active cases, 60,490 have been discharged, and 4,167 dead.

Dr. Balram Bhargava is the director-general of ICMR or Indian Council of Medical and Research. He had said that surprisingly in India, there is a low fatality rate. While 4.4 infected people out of one lakh die on an average in the world, it is only 0.3 people dying in India.

The question before the people is, when will the lockdown end and everyone to have a normal life like before. But as per the WHO announcement yesterday, even countries that have controlled coronavirus can have another round of infections. Hence it is time to learn to live with coronavirus to be safe with social distancing if there is lockdown or not in India.