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CJI Bobde Rescues himself from hearing Nirbhaya Case Death Penalty Plea

CJI Bobde Rescues himself from hearing Nirbhaya Case Death Penalty Plea

Nirbhaya assault: CJI rescues from the case: Chief Justice SA Bobde has announced his resignation from the trial of the restraining order filed by the victims in the Nirbhaya sexual assault case.

Akshay Kumar, one of the four death-sentenced prisoners in the Nirbhaya rape case and the Chief justice Bobde, has abruptly withdrawn from the hearing of a petition seeking review of the sentence.

But the case petition hearing came before a session of three judges headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde, Justice Ashok Bhushan, and R. Banumati. Chief Justice SA Bobde announced his withdrawal from the hearing stating that the case would be heard tomorrow at 10:30 am before another session.

Sources reveal that rescue from the case by CJI Bobde been due to the appearance of his relatives reportedly his nephew had appeared to support the case from the Nirbhaya's mother.

In December 2012, a medical student, Nirbhaya, was sexually assaulted on a bus in the capital Delhi. Nirbhaya, suffering from the grip of lust monsters, thrown naked out of the bus by the brutal borns with bloodstains. Fell ill and died of trauma after two weeks of fearless conflict.

Delhi Police arrested Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta, Akshay Kumar Singh, and one juvenile accused of six in total for allegedly raping a student. They were charged with murder and rape.

Though one of the main accused Ram Singh committed suicide in the Tihar jail earlier and the juvenile convict was taken to a juvenile correctional school and later released. The remaining five were sentenced to death by the Delhi High Court. But the other three victims dropped an adjudication petition to the Supreme court in 2017 regarding the review of the death sentence, but the court dismissed their appeal.

CJI SA Bobde announced that the judges appearing in the new session would be declared tomorrow morning.

Asha Devi, the mother of Nirbhaya, says that she was hoping the dismission of the review petition today after waiting for seven long years, but it prolonged a day more to get nabbed the brutal souls of the country which made my daughter no more now.

CJI Bobde Rescues himself from hearing Nirbhaya Case Death Penalty Plea