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The new China virus CQV from spread through Culex mosquitoes.

China virus CQV from spread through Culex mosquitoes

China virus CQV from spread through Culex mosquitoes

ICMR warns of another virus from China to kill Indian people. At a time, President Trump blames China for the US having more than 70 lakh infections, and India is reporting fewer COVID 19 cases during the presidential debate yesterday, September 29.

The new virus finds mention in the new study published in the recent issue of IJMR or the Indian Journal of Medical Research.

The arthropod-borne viruses are called CQV or cat que virus carried by mosquitoes and spread among pigs and then to humans.

This airborne virus may cause febrile illnesses, pediatric encephalitis, and meningitis among the Indian people.

The research published in IJMR

After the research published in the latest edition of IJMR, ICMR or Indian Council for Medical and Research has warned the people of the potential CQV virus.

The study was conducted by NIV or the national institute of virology in Pune. The researchers collected 883 human serum samples from various Indian states.

Two samples from Karnataka taken from 2014 to 2017 tested positive for CQV, confirming that people are contracted by the virus at some point in time. But there was no virus found in animal or human samples during the study.

ICMR confirms the isolation of CQV from its natural host mosquitoes. But the way it is transmitted to humans from birds or pigs is not yet documented.

It also said that the Indian mosquitoes Cx.quinquefasciatus, Ae.aegypti, and Cx.tritaeniorhynchus are more susceptible to CQV. And it also confirms domestic pigs to be the primary mammalian host of CQV.

China virus CQV – need not to worry

How many more viruses are going to affect Indian people this year is the big question after the struggle even with the SARS-CoV -2 is yet to be done even after killing almost 1 lakh people already.

Though people need not worry about CQV, the presence of CQV in Culex mosquitoes in China and pigs in Vietnam hinted at the awareness of Asian countries to CQV.

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